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The Benefits of Natural Marula Oil For Face and Skin

At Strebor Organics, we produce cold-pressed 100% pure marula oil that is the perfect solution for any skin type. Our natural marula oil combines the benefits of both vitamin C and vitamin E to make a marula oil for face that moisturizes, replenishes skin cells, and leaves your skin looking younger, brighter, and healthier.

Creating quality, natural products for every skin type is an important part of our philosophy at Strebor Organics. Your skin is daily bombarded by chemicals, toxins, and pollutants in the air and water. Why add to those toxins by putting products on the skin that are full of unnatural fragrances, synthetic ingredients, and harsh chemicals that penetrate the skin cells and even impact your overall health? We believe it is time for skincare to support the whole person, providing health benefits to the skin while supporting the health and wholeness of the entire body.

Our anti aging serum is made of 100% pure marula oil sourced from the marula fruit found in South Africa. The marula fruit is considered a delightful treat by both animals and humans. It is the kernel at the center of the fruit, however, that can be cold-pressed into natural marula oil for the face. The naturally occurring antioxidants, particularly vitamin C and vitamin E, work together to help support skin cell regeneration. Boosting collagen production, the antioxidants in marula oil for face improve skin elasticity and the appearance of fine lines. Dermatologists and skin care manufacturers have long promoted vitamin E as a great option to help reduce the appearance of scars, dark spots, and blemishes. In more recent research, however, studies have found the combination of vitamin E and vitamin C has a more profound effect on the skin. Both antioxidants are naturally occurring and main ingredients in 100% pure marula oil. This important differentiation is what makes marula oil for face a natural choice.

The other benefits of natural marula oil include balanced moisture content in your skin. The oleic acid in marula helps your skin easily absorb moisture and prevents excess moisture from evaporating, reducing dry skin and irritation. This is particularly helpful in the winter months when dry, cold air can add to already dry skin. When makeup products are used on top of that, it can cause even further dryness and damage. Our 100% pure marula oil replenishes lost moisture, smooths and firms your skin, and helps reduce any previous damage such as dark spots, fine lines, or scars. It is a simple and natural solution that brings about incredible benefits regardless of your skin type. The easy to use serum can be added to your skin morning and evening for an easy, no-fuss skincare regimen that fits any lifestyle, schedule, and routine.

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