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Strebor Organics


Discover the World's Most Natural Face Oil and Fine Line Serum

Many skin products are touted as natural but are full of animal-based and synthetic ingredients. At Strebor Organics in South Holland, IL, we believe that the best ingredients come from the beauty of nature itself.

That's why we created the most natural face serum from the oil of the antioxidant-rich marula fruit. Nothing quite compares to the powerful combination of vitamin C and vitamin E, working together to create a fine line serum that reduces the appearance of age, sun damage, and scars. Our lightweight face serum moisturizes even the driest skin while keeping pores clear and helping repair damage to skin cells.

Our cold-pressed natural face oil is more than just a daily moisturizer. Sometimes the highest quality anti aging technology is produced in nature, and such is the case with our marula oil fine line serum. The antioxidants packed into the kernel of the marula fruit support skin cell regeneration and collagen production, leaving the skin looking fresh, firm, and vibrant. The boost in collagen also helps reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, returning a youthful luster to your skin.

Other natural face oil often contains unnecessary ingredients, chemicals, and even animal products. With our marula oil face serum, your skin experiences the health benefits of the marula kernel, while avoiding harsh toxins and unnatural ingredients that your body has to process.

The firming effect of vitamin C is the most natural and effective way to reduce the appearance of fine lines. Marula's rich vitamin C content makes our fine line serum the perfect solution to unwanted lines and wrinkles. The added benefit of vitamin E rich complex helps protect and minimize unwanted scars and dark spots caused by age or sun damage. The natural face oil also provides some protection from UVB light, preventing further damage from the sun's harsh rays.

We recommend twice daily use of our luxury face oil. The serum absorbs easily into clean skin, making it the perfect pre-makeup prep in the morning and ensuring you won't leave unwanted residue on your pillow at night. The easily absorbed oil adds little time to your skincare regimen and is great for all skin types. Regardless of your lifestyle, schedule, or skincare needs, marula oil is the one product that will simplify your routine while revitalizing your skin.

Contact us today to find out more about our product and our South Holland, IL based organic skincare company. We are happy to answer your questions about the intriguing marula fruit, the best skin care practices, or how we produce our natural luxury face oil and how it can benefit your skin type through daily use.

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