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Where to Find Vegan and Cruelty Free Face Serum

At Strebor Organics in South Holland, IL, we focus on products that are 100% natural or organic, vegan, cruelty free, and great for your skin! What makes our vegan face serum is the right choice for you? Our cruelty free face serum has not been tested on animals, and it is also not made of ingredients derived from animal products, making it the best choice when searching for a vegan face oil.

Our vegan face serum is made from plant-based ingredients. Derived from the kernel of the marula fruit, a plant native to South Africa, our cold pressed oil is rich in antioxidants that are great for the skin and support natural skin health. We make a point of not testing on animals, ensuring that our cruelty free face serum not only supports the health of those who use it but also that of our environment and world.

What makes vegan face oil unique to other facial serums and products? Many skincare products are derived from ingredients that are synthetic, rather than natural, or they are natural in the sense that they come from animal byproducts. We believe that non-toxic skincare products play a significant role in long-term health and beauty. The naturally occurring plant-based antioxidants are some of the best non-toxic ingredients, far more effective than any animal or chemical-based products. Which is why we used the rich and luscious marula plant to create our effective, lightweight vegan face serum.

Whether finding quality vegan face oil or cruelty free products is a priority for you, your skin will love you for trying our antioxidant rich serum. Packed full of vitamin C and vitamin E, this vegan face serum helps your skin gain and retain moisture while reducing the appearance of fine lines, dark spots, and even scars. The vitamin E works to protect your skin from damaging toxins, while vitamin C promotes skin cell regeneration and leaves your skin looking and feeling firm, youthful, and revitalized.

The vegan face oil truly is lightweight compared to many serums and facial oils. Marula oil is easy for your skin to absorb, so you are not left with unhelpful residue as you prepare your face for the day. The combination of antioxidants also helps protect your skin against harmful UV rays. While it is not a replacement for your SPF, it does provide protection for those moments when SPF is out of reach or forgotten.

We love using our vegan face oil both morning and night and we know you will too. Order today or contact us to learn more about our cruelty free face serum or our South Holland, IL skincare company.

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