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Pure Marula Facial Oil and Scar Serum Made from Natural Ingredients

The highest quality facial and skincare products are produced from organic ingredients that naturally promote skin health and appearance. Rather than using synthetic ingredients that can have an adverse effect on your skin and body, we focus on those items that naturally soothe and support our bodies.

Our pure marula facial oil does exactly that. Made from the kernel of South Africa's marula fruit, the oil acts as a natural scar serum and even a marula oil acne reducer that moisturizes without clogging pores. Our luxury face oil is infused with vitamin C and vitamin E, both of which are naturally occurring in the marula kernel. These powerful antioxidants are what make the pure marula facial oil an effective scar serum. The vitamin C and vitamin E work together to reduce inflammation, improve skin cell regeneration, and reduce the appearance of scars and fine lines. Vitamin E also neutralizes free radicals from toxins in the air and in your body. This level of protection includes absorbing UVB light, effectively protecting your skin, for a short amount of time, from UV rays that would otherwise cause damage.

The free radicals, and even UV damage can prevent scars or acne from properly healing. The vitamin E stops those free radicals that can prevent healing, make marula oil acne support a great option for those who need an acne scar serum for their face. Other acne scar serum options include chemicals that absorb into the skin and are unhealthy for your body. Pure marula facial oil is all natural and when absorbed, only increases the benefits to your skin.

Topical marula oil acne scar serum not only reduces the appearance of scarring and sun damage but also moisturizes and replenishes skin cells to help prevent future sun damage and acne scarring. The antioxidant-rich oil, when added to the skin, is absorbed quickly and easily. It returns moisture to dry skin and helps lock in moisture so that it cannot evaporate. We recommend using our pure marula facial oil twice daily, morning and evening, to ensure your skin is receiving the most benefit.

Aside from acne scarring, natural marula oil is also an effective topical treatment for other types of scarring or skin damage. The naturally occurring antioxidants are found to reduce fine lines, diminish the appearance of dark spots, and reduce inflammation.

Used daily, our pure marula facial oil benefits every skin type and easy to include in any skincare routine. Made at our South Holland, IL location, we offer the highest quality marula oil for your face and skincare needs. Contact us today to order your marula facial oil or to learn more about the benefits of the marula plant.

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